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Designed for mobile MOBA and FPS games, GameSir G5 combines many revolutionary innovations: the trackpad, surrounding button layout, and extra configurable buttons. If you are a mobile gamer who loves battling online, GameSir G5 will be your ultimate secret weapon to win.


Trackpad Design

There are trackpad mode and ABXY mode for you to choose from.


Built-in BattleDock™ Function

GameSir G5 is not only a gamepad but also a BattleDock™. Plug the USB dongle of wireless keyboard & mouse combo into the USB port hidden on the left handle of GameSir G5, you can play mobile games with keyboard and mouse!


Four Extra Configurable Buttons

There are four extra configurable buttons, L4/R4 trigger buttons, and L5/R5 rear buttons, to meet the needs of customizing more keys.

Interface Type:

Working Platforms: Android Phones / Tablets
Connection Types: Bluetooth
Battery capacity: 800mAh
Charging Time: 2~3 Hours
Bluetooth Version: Bluetooth Ver 5.0
Working Time: 18 Hours


Click Here to learn how to use GameSir G5